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25 years

   Mouzon Design was founded 25 years ago today. Our first dollar came out of a fee of only $24; it’s hard to imagine how we survived the first few months. Through that quarter century, we went from a no-name small-town firm competing for the next metal building job to a very different sort of firm today, primarily by doing a lot of things no architect in their right mind would attempt. But what seemed time and again to be really bad for business has turned out to be excellent for business… in the long run. Here’s more of the story.

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   Mouzon Design is headed by the husband-and-wife team of Steve & Wanda Mouzon. Here’s where you can read more about us and contact us. Mouzon Design was founded August 1, 1991, and is dedicated to the production of useful place-making and building-making tools. Here’s where you can read more about our mission. We have been designing house plans for traditional neighborhoods since 1996, and our image collections focus on what we call the “Most-Loved Places.” We offer three suites of design services based on a set of principles known as the Original Green, and our tools are meant to fill needs that have not been met until now. We are authors of a growing number of books.  The Mouzon Design Blog focuses on things we have found useful in our work… we hope you will, too.

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