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   Steve’s latest book is out! And like so much other Mouzon Design stuff, New Media for Designers + Builders isn’t just an ordinary book. It does two really cool things that we hope just might help to redefine 21st Century books.

   First, it doesn’t waste your time. Ordinary books make you slog through the whole book to find what you need. Not this one. Roughly ⅔ of the book isn’t in the book. How can that be? Steve put only the things that every designer or builder needs to know about the New Media in the book. That’s roughly ⅓ of the content. Then, he built a companion website where he put the rest of the content, each piece of which only some people need to know. Then he built lots of links so you can easily get to the stuff you need. Cool, eh?

   But that’s not all. The companion website does something else really cool, too. Normally, if you make notes in a book you’re reading, they don’t benefit anyone else unless you give someone the book. But the companion website has a page for each section in the book where readers can leave comments and have a discussion with each other, even sharing cool new ideas that aren’t yet in the book.

   But they may be soon. Because the book is electronic, it’s easy to upgrade and Steve intends to keep it updated with the latest ideas. So think of it more like software that can be upgraded frequently instead of a paper book that quickly becomes obsolete.

   You should know that it was written in Apple's iBooks Author, which for the first time allows e-books to be what they've always wanted to be: beautiful, highly interlinked with the outside world, and full of interactive fun. There’s a Kindle version as well, if that’s what you prefer. (links to iBooks version, Kindle version)

   What’s in it? The book begins with the reasons why old marketing methods don't work so well for designers or builders anymore, but why the New Media are able to accomplish more today than the old methods ever could. The next chapter is a how-to manual for building a dozen New Media nodes (blogging, tweeting, etc.) assuming the reader is a novice on the inner workings of each node. The book then takes a fun jaunt alongside four dozen people who are doing exemplary jobs with their New Media nodes. It wraps up with a resource chapter of useful books and links.

   Check out the Media Room for more info on the book. And be sure to visit the Reviews page while you’re there, where you’ll find links where you can read what dozens of people are saying about it. And if you’ve reviewed it and you’re not listed, please let Steve know and we’ll get it posted… thanks!

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