Mouzon Design Chosen for Coastal Living 2011 Idea House

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East Beach

   Wanda and I are delighted to be designing Coastal Living’s 2011 Idea House! It will be built at East Beach Norfolk. Working drawings are essentially done, except for items such as garden designs, interior design, and such that won’t affect the initial progress of the house. We expect to see groundbreaking in the next couple weeks or so, and the house will be completed by the first of June and photographed during the first week of June. It will be published in a fall issue of Coastal Living as is their usual practice.

   This house is especially exciting for Wanda and I for many reasons, including the fact that it will be the first SmartDwelling to be constructed. Project:SmartDwelling is an initiative hatched late in 2008 by the New Urban Guild. It incorporates numerous principles of the Original Green, which is an initiative we’ve been advancing for years through the Guild Foundation. I’ve even written the book on the Original Green; much of this past year has been spent on the book tour, and we’re looking forward to another year of touring, as people across the country want to hear more about the Original Green. Look for a number of Original Green workshops to be held at the Idea House while it’s open next summer, because telling a story is never as good as showing a story.

   Update: For reasons I'll blog about later, the Idea House didn't get over the SmartDwelling threshold, although it's still a fascinating home. More to follow shortly on the Mouzon Design Blog.

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