New Media Workshop at Celebration

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Tuition $50

   Steve and Wanda are doing a New Media workshop at Celebration, Florida November 8 (9AM - 4PM) and there are still seats available. It’ll be an information-packed how-to day on a dozen New Media nodes, and the day is designed for anyone involved in designing or building such as developers, planners, architects, landscape architects, interior designers, builders, craftspeople, and real estate agents. If you’re an architect, you can earn 5 CEUs from the day. Here’s more info on the workshop.

   The day will start out by looking at why New Media now makes more sense for most designers and builders than old marketing. Next, we’ll launch right into the nodes you should consider, such as blogging, micro-blogging, online communities, video, and the like. Be sure to bring your laptop, tablet, or smartphone and we’ll acrtually help you get set up on nodes you’re not already using throughout the day.

   The workshop will wrap up the day with a swap-fest of New Media ideas. Creative people are at their best when times are tough, so there’s a good chance you have some cool new ideas about how to run and promote your business. But most of us haven’t had much of a travel budget from 2008 until recently, so we haven’t had many chances to share those ideas. If you’d like to show us some of your good stuff, please let us know and we’ll reserve you a slot in the swap-fest. Or if you don’t want to pre-reserve, bring your stuff anyway, just in case you change your mind… it’ll be kind of a New Media Karaoke to finish the day.

   Tuition is only $50 because we’d like to have more attendees sharing ideas rather than fewer attendees paying higher tuition.

   We’ll provide refreshments; lunch is on your own at one of Celebration’s Main Street restaurants nearby.

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