SmartDwelling I Story Runs in Wall Street Journal

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   Our SmartDwelling I design was published in the Wall Street Journal on Monday, April 27. See the Original Green Blog for details. This home design responds to the Wall Street Journal’s query of “what is the most sustainable home that can be imagined today, if technologies and human behaviors were not impediments?”

   SmartDwelling I attempts to answer this question: First, it’s designed for a specific region (the American Gulf Coast) because truly sustainable buildings should be appropriate to regional conditions, climate, and culture. Next, it’s designed for a neighborhood, not for some indeterminate location, because properly-designed neighborhoods are at least half of the solution of sustainability. Its biggest design move is to entice people into a series of outdoor rooms so they become acclimated to the local environment and require less conditioning when they return indoors.

   Outdoor living space is larger than conditioned space (1,200 SF)  in SmartDwelling I, which is sustainable in a broad way known as the Original Green. It grows much of its own food. It hopes to be lovable to the non-architects. It is built durably, able to last for centuries. It is flexible, able to be used for many purposes through time. And it is highly frugal with energy, air, water, and materials... and conserves not only our own health, but that of the surrounding environment. These are all ideals promoted by the New Urban Guild’s SmartDwelling Project. SmartDwelling I is only one design by one person; the SmartDwelling Project will produce many designs by some of the most notable architects and designers of the New Urbanism. This is only the beginning... stay tuned…

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