Bath - Prince’s Street to Stall Street Including the Royal Crescent

Volume 45

   The six volumes of Bath, of which this is the fifth, contain all of the contiguous good buildings in Bath. This volume of the Catalog of the Most-Loved Places includes Prince's Street, the Prince's Buildings, the Pulteney Bridge, Queen Square, Quiet Street, Rivers Street, the Royal Crescent, Saracen Street, Saville Row, Saw Close, Somerset Place, St. James Street, St. James Square, and Stall Street.

   Volumes 39 through 51 of the Catalog were all shot while Wanda and I were traveling with the Seaside Institute in the fall of 2004, and during the days we stayed after the tour was completed. The highest of highlights of the trip was having lunch with Prince Charles at his country home of Highgrove House, one day after having tea with the Deputy Prime Minister. Travel with the Seaside Institute has repeatedly included experiences like this that we never would have known otherwise. If you're a designer or builder of sustainable places, you really should contact them about future travel plans.

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