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   The Catalog of the Most-Loved Places is a series of image collections focused on buildings and their details, streets, and public spaces in places we have loved the longest and valued the most. Volumes in the Catalog typically include every structure built before about 1925 in various historic towns or districts, and every good building in newer places.

   Most image collections comprise the "greatest hits" of the place, focusing solely on the best examples. The Catalog, on the other hand, documents the fabric of the place. Architects have focused in recent years on heroic buildings, but they have done so to their detriment because heroic buildings make up only a small part of a town, whereas fabric buildings are so named because they compose most of the fabric of the town. Architects have largely forgotten how to design the common buildings that should make up the great majority of the street fronts of any place. We hope that the Catalog helps to fill this need.

   The Catalog began as an effort to prove a point to the Town Architect of a neighborhood where I was designing a home. But by that weekend, when I shot most of the Twickenham neighborhood in Huntsville, Alabama, the idea of the Catalog was born.

   I initially named it the Historic District Photo Catalog, but changed the name to its current name when I began to shoot Seaside, Florida, in order to include all of the most-loved places, whether new or historic. The early volumes include 600 to 900 images because the camera I was shooting with back then, while state-of-the-art for digitals at the time, was only 2 megapixels. More recent volumes, of course, were shot with better cameras with greater resolution, resulting in larger files and therefore fewer images per disk. Early volumes were sized to fit on CD-ROMs, whereas later versions go up to (and sometimes slightly over) one gigabyte.

   Interestingly, it's also a journey through time with my work as well. As you can see when comparing images shot a decade ago with recent images, I've clearly learned a few things over the years… which is as it should be.

   When you purchase volumes of the Catalog of the Most-Loved Places, you are licensed to do anything you like with the images except to re-sell them. Use them in books, in reports, in presentations, or wherever else they’re useful. And you can sell the books the image are in, too... just don’t sell the images themselves.

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