Institutional Workshops


1-Day Institutional Workshop

   This workshop is tailored to institutions with campuses of more than one building, such as universities, and consists of a series of Original Green overviews with various departments. We will adapt the lengths of these meetings according to the needs of each municipality:


   The day begins with a 45-minute meeting intended for the institution administrator(s) and departments heads. It is a high-level overview of the Original Green and its impact upon municipalities.

Master Planning:

   The Master Planning meeting focuses on the latest tools that can help a campus function more like a smoothly-functioning city, with a strong mix of uses in each quarter, rather than like isolated single-use pods choked with traffic.

Residential Life:

   The Residential Life meeting examines the on-campus residential component in light of the Master Planning goals. Some campuses are beginning to rediscover the ability to house residents in vibrant, mixed-use residential quarters rather than isolated apartment towers. Numerous advantages of this strategy will be explored.


   The Facilities Department meeting goes far beyond “Gizmo Green,” examining ways that buildings can be more sustainable by being more LovableDurableFlexible, and Frugal. This meeting reviews both the particular ways of achieving these aspirations, and also certain underlying mechanisms that can aid in doing so.


   The Security meeting is a quick introduction to the benefits of patrolling and protecting interconnected networks of compact, mixed-use, and walkable urbanism over the costs of providing the same services on a pod-based campus. It also includes a number of techniques for reducing current energy consumption.

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