Cottages & Small Houses

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   Cottages and Small Houses are dwellings of 2,000 square feet of living space or less. Cottages are 1- or 1-1/2-stories, while Small Houses are 2-stories or taller.

The word “Cottage” has an indelible image attached to it in the minds of most people. That image is of a small, charming dwelling nestled under low-hanging eaves. That image is so strong that even if the square footage is exactly the same, we call a dwelling a “Small House” rather than a “Cottage” if it is two stories tall or taller. Note that cottages such as the one pictured here often have lofts tucked under their eaves (1-1/2-stories,) but the eaves still hang low. They do this by making the roof steeper to fit the living space under it.

   American houses have been bloating in recent years to average sizes never seen before. But now there is a move afoot to build simpler and smaller. We would like to add a third attribute: build Simpler, Smaller, Smarter.

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