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   Katrina Commercial buildings are the most basic shop building, with nothing but a wide-open shop space with a bath and kitchenette at the rear. They are the most affordable, and also most temporary, of buildings to be built on a Main Street. They are built with the full expectation that they will be moved elsewhere for other uses as the Main Street becomes more prosperous in future decades, to be replaced with larger permanent masonry buildings. So whether you buy one or build one on-site, it likely will be moved over the highway at least once in its lifetime.

   We use a box width of 14 to 15 feet for Katrina Commercial buildings to allow for roof overhangs, etc. Most Katrina Commercial buildings consist of a single box, but there are some two-box units where the boxes sit side by side along the Main Street.

   Most Katrina Commercial buildings are designed to sit with the short end to the street. Because they are raised off the surrounding ground enough to keep dry, building a boardwalk flush with the floor level at the front connecting all the shops on the Main Street is the best way to provide a sidewalk.

   Katrina Commercial buildings that are manufactured off-site are shipped with the roof folded down; it folds up upon installation. Some Katrina Commercial buildings are designed with storefronts on their sides rather than their ends. These are used as liner buildings to hide parking lots.

   VERY IMPORTANT: Most jurisdictions do not require a locally licensed architect for commercial buildings below a certain threshold square footage, but this condition varies from one jurisdiction to the next.  Katrina Commercial units are small enough to fit under the most common thresholds, which allows you to purchase stock plans like the ones in this book and use them to build with. BE SURE to check with your jurisdiction before ordering plans to make sure you can use them. Steve Mouzon is a licensed architect in some states, but chooses not to provide full commercial services. If your jurisdiction requires a locally-licensed architect for commercial projects of the size you will be building, Steve might be able to serve as a design consultant to your architect, however, if you like the ideas you find in these plans... depending on his availability and on the rules of your state’s regulations regarding architects and design consultants.

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