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   Mouzon Design provides three suites of custom services. All three are based on the principles of the Original Green, which is common-sense, plain-spoken sustainability.

   The first suite is our collection of Original Green services, which are designed to help municipalities, institutions, new developments, and existing neighborhoods implement these principles. These are a series of one-day workshops that give you useful tools for building the sustainability of your place. But real sustainability doesn't happen completely in one day, so we also direct you to some of the best in-depth services available.

   The second suite is our Town Architect services. A Town Architect is someone who reviews designs done by others, assuring that what is built in a place (town, neighborhood, or institution) is of higher and more consistent architectural quality. When fully implemented, these services are designed to help re-start living traditions, which make up the operating system of the Original Green.

   Our third suite consists of our Custom Design services. We perform selected architectural, interior, and site design services on projects that are able to implement the principles of the Original Green.

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