Katrina Cottage VIII (Fairfax)

classical color web

Plan #M.6.1

Bedrooms: 1 bed alcove

Full Baths: 1, Half Baths: 0

Finished Area: 523 SF

Stories: 1

Foundation: crawl space

Exterior Walls: frame

Architecture: Greek Revival

Transect Zones: T-2 Rural, T-3 Sub-Urban, T-4 General Urban

   Early Katrina Cottages didn't allow expansion very easily because exterior walls were so quickly used up for kitchen cabinets, bathrooms, closets, and the like. This was the first Katrina Cottage designed explicitly to grow easily. Each corner of the main room contains a "grow zone" with two openings. Grow zones are used either for circulation or for things like the Home Office which are furnished with movable furniture, not fixed cabinetry. This means that at whatever point the homeowner wants to expand, they can move the furniture out and do so. Windows can be converted to doors simply by removing the window and the wall below the window… the header above is already in place. This ability to sprout additions in several directions is why these Katrina Cottages were dubbed "Kernel Cottages." This particular design won a Charter Award from the Congress for the New Urbanism. This advance makes it much easier for someone to start really small… because their expansion routes are so clear.

M.6.1 Katrina Cottage VIII sales plan

   $720 + taxes for one digital copy of the working drawings of this design and a license to construct this design once. You can print as many copies as you need to construct the house.

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