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Ordering Instructions

   Shipping, handling, and taxes will apply to all orders. All orders are subject to approval. Prices are subject to change. All orders contain one reproducible set of drawings and a one-time construction license. They are not returnable.

Copy Restrictions & Copyright Information

   All Mouzon Design house plans are protected under the United States Copyright Laws. Plans may not be resold, copied, or reproduced by any means, except for copies of the plans required to build one house. When you purchase a set of working drawings from Mouzon Design, you are licensed the right to build one residence. Architects and designers of Mouzon Design plans retain all rights, title, and ownership to the original design and documents. Anyone building the same plan more than once shall order one set of working drawings for each house built, and will receive the “Next Use” discount beginning with the second set of working drawings.

Plan Modifications

   Plan revisions are best accomplished by the original architect. The revision terms are negotiated directly between purchaser and architect.

Working Drawing Contents

   Mouzon Design working drawings offer a conceptual design of our homes. However, our working drawings do not include fully engineered construction documents.

What’s Included

*Dimensioned Floor Plans: Each floor of the house is shown in detail. The position and dimensions of doors, windows, staircases, and columns are indicated.

*Exterior Elevations: These drawings illustrate the front, left side, right side, and rear of the house. They suggest finish materials and detail configurations.

*Interior Elevations: These drawings illustrate the interior walls of the house that include the most involved cabinet work, fireplaces, columns, built-in work or trim work, but they do not indicate simpler or more typical of the conditions above.

*Finish Schedules: Some plans include suggested interior finish schedules.

*Typical Wall Section: Working drawings include at least one typical wall section, which is a cross section that shows a typical wall from the foundation to the roofline.

*Foundation & Floor Framing Plans: Some plans include foundation layouts and dimensions, but, as with any stock house plan, the foundation structure must be designed by a licensed engineer based on specific conditions of your site, including any elevation required by the Base Flood Elevation in flood zones.

*Suggested Electrical Plans: Suggested locations of switches, outlets, and fixtures are shown on most plans, but no aspect of the electrical system design is included. Precise placement of all elements is dictated by applicable codes. Design of the electrical system should be completed by a locally-qualified individual.

What’s Not Included

*Heating & Plumbing Plans: These plans should be supplied by local subcontractors.

*Material Quantity Lists: Obtain these lists from the contractor you choose or from the local building material supplier you are purchasing the materials from. It is very important that the company from which you are purchasing the materials be responsible for the method of estimation and the resulting quantities. 

*Engineering Design: Neither the structural system, the heating system, the electrical system or the plumbing system have been engineered. Any information shown on any of these systems is schematic only. All engineering must be performed based on local conditions which vary from site to site and jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

*Architectural & Engineering Seals: Some cities and states require a licensed architect or engineer to review and seal a set of working drawings, or officially approve, prior to construction, due to concerns over safety, energy costs, or other issues. Due to varying local requirements, Mouzon Design is unable to offer these seals. Contact a local building official to find out if such a review is required.

Building Codes

   Our plans are designed to meet the requirements of the International Building Code or International Residential Code as appropriate, but because of varying interpretations and the fact that codes are subject to change, we cannot warrant compliance with any of the specific building codes and ordinances. Your local builder or an engineer can review the plan you choose and ensure that it complies with all applicable building codes and subdivision restrictions. However, we cannot be responsible for the assistance you receive from the individuals you select to build your home. Your foundation and superstructure must be designed by a licensed engineer based on the specific conditions of your site, including the Base Flood Elevation.

Square Footage Estimates

   The heated square footage estimate provided on the small-scale plans in this book does not include garage, porches, decks, bonus spaces, storage areas, or the basement level, if any. We recommend that your builder verify all of the plan’s dimensions and square footage calculations, taking into consideration any modifications or additions. Please also note that methods of calculating square footage vary from locality to locality. Consult your appraiser or builder to determine the method used locally.

Construction Cost Estimates

   Accurate construction cost estimates should be made from the working drawings, not from the small-scale design drawings in this book. We suggest consulting with a local builder to provide an estimate of those specific costs.

   Sometimes, your builder may be able to give you a ballpark estimate based on the design drawings in this book, but the less detail they have, the less certain they can be about the actual costs. Their two options, when given less detailed information, are to either guess high to cover themselves, or to guess low with the understanding that once they get the full set of working drawings, they can increase their estimate if their prior assumptions do not match the working drawings. Neither method is in your best interest, but this is the best any builder can do without the detailed information contained on the working drawings.

   Once you receive your working drawings, we recommend that you get estimates from at least two builders for comparison because many variables can affect cost. The contractor should provide the material quantity lists; costs may vary depending on choice of materials, availability of materials within a given area, labor costs, choice of finishes, and degree of detail.

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