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   A House is a dwelling greater than 2,000 square feet and up to 3,200 square feet of any height with a yard all around. But the only designs we put here are those that do not have a distinctive shape, such as Thin Houses, Side Court Houses, Rear Court Houses, etc. Distinctively-shaped dwellings are found in the Courtyards section because they surround or sit adjacent to courtyards or outdoor room(s.)

   Because we like to design homes around courtyards for outdoor rooms with lots of privacy, there will always be relatively few designs on our Houses pages. You’ll notice the same with the other House types of Large Houses and Mansions. The only exceptions on the Houses pages are the Cottages and Small Houses. Because Cottages and Small Houses are smallest, many good designs do not have enough of a footprint to wrap around a courtyard. But our opinion at Mouzon Design is that there are enough good designs on the market for Houses, Large Houses and Mansions from other architects and designers, so we would rather spend most of our time designing homes that create private or semi-private outdoor rooms. So unless the design idea is strong, we do not develop House, Large House or Mansion designs.

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