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   Mouzon Design's TA-TV clips are shot during Town Architect reviews in a variety of neighborhoods. We film architectural blunders built far too often across the US, but then we describe how to fix each of them. We've arranged the errors just like we laid out Traditional Construction Patterns, so it's easy to keep Ugly organized… and the same for the cures to Ugly.

Here's the breakdown:

Walls & Massing

   These fails affect either the shape of the building or the choice or arrangement of its wall materials. Everything from the relative size and arrangement of wings to the detailing of the wall base, building colors, number of materials, and proper (and improper) location of joints between different materials are all included in this section.

Doors & Windows

   The oopses in this section include everything from door and window material choices you'll regret to embarrassing ways to put them in the wall. Shameful proportions? Got it. Cringeworthy Palladian windows? Check. Plus a wide assortment of ways to make sure that your doors, windows, and the walls they're installed in don't last very long.

Porches & Balconies

   Porch problems and balcony blunders are some of the most visible because they're so likely to occur on the front of your house. Ever heard of Column-Beam Alignment Syndrome? If not, you should have… it's the most common ailment in traditional construction in America.

Eaves & Roofs

   Think your eaves are designed correctly? Fat chance. Few builders know how to get them right, and the errors don't just look stupid (once you know what's better) but they can rot your gutters as well. And what's the quickest way to make part of your house look like Dumbo? Yep… get the dormer proportions wrong, just like 95% of your neighbors do.

Attachments & Sitework

   All goof-ups outside the walls fall into this category, from ridiculous fireplaces to silly fences, awful awnings, and even regrettable signage on your shop or office. We'll even cover a bunch of ways to avoid the biggest time-wasting and money-squandering yard mistake America has ever invented.

Up to the Challenge?

   We work with several brave Town Founders and their intrepid builders who are courageous enough to regularly put their work under the TA-TV microscope. But how about you? If you and your neighbors are looking for an architectural makeover for your neighborhood, please let us know. You can commission us to come in for a day and film all your architectural bloopers. But don't worry… as you'll notice on TA-TV, we never publicly ID the guilty! Instead, we'll send you a private list of clips from your neighborhood so you can handle your design indiscretions with… discretion. Email us to get started.

Critiquing the Neighborhood

   Normally, a Town Architect works within the limitations of a neighborhood design that was done by others and doesn’t complain much about it. But it’s still fun to look at what went well… and what might have been, both on hometown neighborhoods around the country and on great places as well. And while I’ve done most of the architectural critiques above, there’s a healthy dose of guest critiques by people like Andrés Duany in this neighborhood section.

What do you think?

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