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   Katrina Tiny Cottages were not the first type of Katrina Cottage to be designed in the days immediately after the storm... those were the Katrina Thin Cottages, and those were the warm-up exercises. Because designing a home in 600 square feet is unusually difficult, the first architects doing Katrina Cottages had to work up to it.

   Buildings that inspired us were guest cottages and guest rooms gathered  at inns or placed singly behind houses, but those were easier because they did not have kitchens and occasionally did not even have bathrooms, so their design was much easier by comparison.

   Another difficulty of all Katrina Cottages was their shape limitations. Because part of the mission was to design homes that could be delivered by all primary housing delivery methods (site-built, panelized, modular, and manufactured) Katrina Cottages must be designed to be transportable.

   You can buy these plans and build them in the normal site-built manner, of course, but they’re designed for more than that. So the maximum width is 16 feet, to the outside of all projections (eaves, doorknobs, light fixtures, etc.) This realistically means that most Katrina Cottage designs are 15 feet wide or less to the face of exterior wall. Some are much narrower. Katrina Cottage VII, for example, is only 10 feet wide. At this width, the design must accomplish many things that the designer doesn’t have to worry about with wider designs. As a result, this is the narrowest Katrina Cottage designed by anyone to date. Length also becomes an issue. If the Tiny Cottage is 15 feet wide, it can be no longer than 40 feet to fit within the 600 square foot limitation.

Fish Camp

M.3.1 Fish Camp

To our knowledge, this is the smallest Katrina Cottage ever designed to date. It was …

Katrina Cottage VII


Plan #M.3.2

Bedrooms: 1

Full Baths: 1, Half Baths: 0

Finished Area: 225 SF

Stories: …

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