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Neighborhood Development Workshop

   This workshop is intended for private or public entities that are developing infill or new neighborhoods. While much "green building" discussion focuses on the scale of a single building, many issues important to sustainability can only be addressed at the scale of the entire neighborhood.

   Please note that this workshop is calibrated to the building of neighborhoods that are compact, mixed-use, and walkable. In other words, they’re New Urbanist places. If you’re building a conventional suburban subdivision and want to continue to do so, then this workshop won’t be of much use to you because conventional suburbia cannot be sustainable without being retrofitted. If you want to retrofit a conventional suburban development that is partially complete, however, then we should talk… see the Sprawl Repair workshop at the bottom of the Neighborhood Workshops page. In the meantime, have a look at this Sprawl Repair site that is being put up by some of our colleagues... expect a growing list of resources here over time.


   The day begins with a 1-hour meeting with the Neighborhood Founder and all department heads. It is a high-level overview of the Original Green and its impact upon neighborhood development.


   The Infrastructure meeting should include all team members who manage the infrastructure of the development. We will review your current practices and suggest a number of Transect-based methods whereby your infrastructure can be more sustainable. Because we rely on Light Imprint methodologies, we will include environment-saving and money-saving solutions from this toolkit, too.


   New Urbanist neighborhoods sold in the ordinary way get less-than-ordinary results. That’s a pity, because building New Urbanist places still requires more effort than building suburban sprawl. Why work harder to get less results? That doesn’t make sense. But marketing New Urbanist neighborhoods based on their inborn principles means you’ll be breaking all the local value standards when times are flush and you’ll be the only game in town when times are tough. Everyone interested in the success of your development (management, marketing, etc.,) should attend this meeting.


   Great New Urbanist places require great building design. Good Urbanism + Bad Architecture (GUBA) gets about the same result as Bad Urbanism + Good Architecture (BUGA)... not so good. The only thing worse is Bad Urbanism + Bad Architecture (BUBA.) What to do? Several things, actually. This session, which should be attended by everyone interested in building design in your neighborhood, lays out a number of techniques and principles designed to assure that the quality of your architecture doesn’t drop below the quality of your neighborhood.


   Discussions about design are fun, but unless the people in the field are building it right, we’re just wasting our time. This session is calibrated to your builders and their subcontractors. It’s not possible to fully implement a Living Tradition in an hour or two, but this is the starting point that gets them thinking.

Residents & Prospects:

   We end the day with an early evening session intended for those living in your neighborhood, and also for those who might want to do so in the future. It’s a broad overview of the principles of Original Green architecture and urbanism.

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