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Home Staging

Mouzon Design can transform your space!
We create visual impact and character through design.
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Services Include

Staging to Sell

Using the homeowners' existing furnishings, we will declutter and design to showcase the space in the best way to appeal to buyers.

Virtual Staging

Using photos of an empty room, we can virtually stage the space to showcase its function and create style.

Model/Vacant Homes

We can create a style direction for empty spaces using Mood Boards for visualization. In addition we can use our furnishings to showcase the home 

and provide the visual impact for potential buyers or renters. 


We can provide professional photos of any of the actual staged rooms including empty rooms where virtual staging is desired.

Gallery of Projects

Before & After - Virtual

Staging a space not only showcases its use better, but helps a potential buyer or renter to actually visualize themselves living in the space. Staging is a powerful tool for making your property stand out from the rest! Our design experience along with professional photography is what you need to help accomplish your goal! In addition to staging a home with actual furnishings and accessories, we can stage any image of your home virtually. These images can be used for online listings to create more visual impact and catch attention for the many shoppers who start their home search online! Here are several examples of our virtual staging.

South Beach Condo

This 1940's Miami Beach condo was remodeled and given a more open floor plan. When it was about to go on the market for sale, we added to the nice open space, a fresh coat of white paint with black trim to highlight the extra wide baseboards. The furnishings kept with the black and white theme  but we balanced it out with natural hues and organic elements that speaks to the tropical environment of the home. We worked in partnership with the Team of Renee' Grossman and the condo sold even in the midst of a pandemic!

Details Matter

Even the little things make a big difference in Home Staging! For example, creating small vignettes of function help a potential buyer see how they could use the space! This is especially important in smaller spaces, where a buyer may feel that it is too small to really meet their needs. Here we created a small home office space at the end of a living room that shows how this room can serve more than one purpose. Adding the books and computer to the desk create this vision. And when it isn't a work space, the table doubles nicely as a console table for hosting a small spread of appetizers or such!

Staging a Rental Bedroom Suite

Sometimes a staging project will be about taking a very bland beige box and giving it a little personality! This can be important even in a rental! Creating a delightful vision for a potential renter can help the homeowner keep the property occupied! Below, you see the 'Before' bedroom, followed by the 'After'.  We kept the changes simple and easy to change since it was a rental property.  By adding peel and stick wallpaper to one wall, we created a feature wall that became the backdrop for the bed. It added some pattern and gave the room a little visual impact. It also set the color scheme of black and white.  A little pop of mustard yellow was added to the space with the pillows and wall art.  The feature wall also served the purpose of showcasing the volume of the room with the high ceilings by drawing the eye up!

Staging Outdoor Rooms

Our rule of thumb for properties to be staged is that if they have any form of outdoor space, this space should be included in the staging! It gives the appearance of more livable square footage, and portrays the picture of leisure and entertaining friends and family. Everyone loves a beautiful outdoor room! 

Mood Boards for a Loft Condo

A common thread in our approach to creating style in an interior space is to be sensitive to the architecture.  This lovely condo is an example of this! The property is an old industrial building that was revamped into condos. The high ceilings, vaulted windows, exposed brick wall (painted white in the bedroom) and old oak floors speak to an industrial modern interior! Here are two mood boards that show our plan for staging the open living/dining space and the main bedroom. There is a common character and color scheme in both spaces which helps to create a cohesive feel to the small condo. 

South Beach Condo Bed and Bath

This small bedroom needed drama without visual clutter, so that it could feel larger than its 11' square footprint! The floor to ceiling ripple fold curtains and the all white color scheme help pull this off! Adding a second neutral color in the throw pillows gave it interest without distracting from the calm whimsical vibe. The ajoining bath was meant to feel like a wonderful day at a spa!  Simplicity can sometimes be the most beautiful approach!

Tropical Vacation Cottage

This wonderful cottage is located on Ambergris Cay in Belize. The architecture is by Steve Mouzon and his partners at Studio Sky and the interior staging is led by Julia Starr Sanford. The focus for this interior space was to keep the simplicity of the island life alive inside as well as out! The colors reflect what you see in the tropical outdoors and the art on the walls is images of sea life and the like.  We used very orgainc elements for furnishings and kept the accessories to a miniumum to enhance the clean simple island life.

About Us

Steve and Wanda Mouzon are a husband and wife team that specialize in design of interior and exterior spaces. Our work includes design at the scale of a city to the scale of a room in a home. We have practiced Urban Planning,  Architecture and Space Planning for 29 years.  Steve is a licensed architect (FL, AL, & MS), LEED certified, urban planner and photographer.  Wanda has studied Urban Planning, Interior Space Planning, Residential Planning from Art Institute and has completed Home Staging from New York Institute of Art and Design. They love teaming up to create spaces that draw people together and make people delighted to be there!   We believe that a beautifully designed space can enhance the human experience!

Our work covers a large national and international realm but our home base is Central Alabama. 

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