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   We provide four types of tools, each of which will eventually be represented here. A public-domain tool is available to download and distribute freely to anyone you believe may benefit. An open-source tool is one for which we invite collaboration. We tend to post open-source tools that are very incomplete in hopes that people will say “I know about something that you’re missing” and then contribute that material. Open-source tools also tend to be large enough that no one person or firm could complete them in a timely way. A licensed tool may be licensed to either a neighborhood or a municipality. We also create custom tools for your unique needs. All of our tools are designed to meet place-making or building-design needs that aren't currently being met.

   Public-domain tools are simpler, to be sure, usually containing a dozen pages or less. But they're meant to be seriously useful, and you don't owe us anything. Just download and use as you see fit. Try out the Fence Toolkit, for example.

   Licensed tools are usually over a dozen pages, but some may extend to a hundred pages or more. These are robust tools, often designed to solve a number of place-making problems. The license fee varies per tool, but in each case, it gives the neighborhood or the municipality the right to duplicate the tool as many times as necessary to administer design and construction in that place.

   We have, for years, built custom tools of diverse capabilities for specific places. The Living Tradition series of principle-based pattern books, for example, began as a custom tool built for a single neighborhood. So if you have an architecture or place-making problem that's annoyed you for years, please get in touch with us and let's see if we might be able to built a tool that solves it for you.

   FWIW, we don't normally do gobbledygook names, preferring instead to be plain-spoken. But in the list below, you'll notice four prefixes: PD precedes all Public Domain tools. OST precedes all Open-Source Tools. LT precedes all Licensed Tools. And CT precedes all Custom Tools. Enjoy! And by all means, please comment on each of these tools… let's discuss them, and make them better!


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PD - Fence Toolkit

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