Plan Types

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   Mouzon Design plans fit into at least one of four general categories:

   Katrina plans grew out of the Katrina Cottages initiative that was fostered by the New Urban Guild and other New Urbanists in the weeks and months following Hurricane Katrina. The three foundation principles of Katrina Cottages were that they must be (1) appropriate to the architecture of the region, (2) of excellent design, and (3) able to be built using any of the common delivery methods of site-built, panelized, modularized, and manufactured. Our Katrina plans are meant to follow these principles.

   Our house plans are those which are generally rectangular in shape with a yard all around. This is the only plan type to appear in most commonly-available plan collections. Because we at Mouzon Design focus most of our energies on needs that aren’t being fully met, we have spent relatively little time developing this type of plans.

   Our courtyard plans are those where the house plan wraps around or otherwise encloses outdoor space such as a courtyard or side yard. Courtyard plans create far more exterior privacy than a privacy fence could ever hope to do. If your home is sitting in thick woods or in the middle of 100 acres of pasture, this probably doesn’t matter. Otherwise, take a careful look at a courtyard plan.

   Our “town center & other” plans include all of the plans that are meant to be built right up to the property line so that they might be attached to adjacent units. They also include plans that are at least partially dedicated to commercial uses, such as live/work units. The “other” part includes miscellaneous types such as outbuildings.

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