Loft Cottages

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   Loft Cottages often appear to be one story, but they tuck living spaces (usually bedrooms) into the attic. As a result, the roof slope is usually quite steep in order to fit the space under the roof. Because their roofs are taller, they can be turned sideways if needed, presenting their broad face to the street.

   Attic rooms were once very common in more vernacular houses across the country. Recently, most construction has full-height second story walls in part because it’s more convenient for high-volume production builders. As a result, most of the methods for furnishing and using spaces where the ceiling hangs low toward the eaves have been lost. Real estate appraisers in some parts of the country today assume that space is not usable if the ceiling slopes down to less than 5 to 6 feet tall. But the old houses often had ceilings as low as 30 inches, and the rooms were quite useful.

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