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   The following are our house plan collections. Except for Gulf Coast Emergency House Plans, which is a staple-bound paper booklet, the rest of the collections are spiral-bound with durable clear vinyl covers.

   Please note that they’re all named for places that have inspired us, but none of the plans are specifically based on houses in those towns. For example, the Key West collection has smaller wood-frame homes, whereas the St. Augustine Collection has plans that honor the coastal heritage of the Southeast, which is the region of hot, humid, and hurricanes.

The Bienville Collection

Bienville MDZweb

   The Bienville Collection is Steve & Wanda Mouzon's collection of attached home plans, including townhouses, live/work units, mews units, liner buildings, and others. The Bienville Collection is named in honor of Bienville Avenue in New Orleans, which begins at the Mississippi River and turns inland through some of the most architecturally diverse parts of the French Quarter, flanked by these home types and many more. …

Gulf Coast Emergency House Plans

Gulf Coast Emergency House Plans

   Just six weeks after Hurricane Katrina, New Urbanists gathered on the devastated Gulf Coast for the Mississippi Renewal Forum. With nearly 200 design team members, this was the largest planning event in human history. The design team was composed almost entirely of New Urban Guild members, and several of them had already been working on designs they called "

The Katrina Cottages Collection

Katrina Cottages MDZweb

   Steve Mouzon co-founded the Katrina Cottages movement with Andrés Duany in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. The Katrina Cottages Collection is Steve and Wanda Mouzon's personal contribution to the growing number of Katrina Cottage designs. This collection includes the only second-generation Katrina Cottages to date, which are meant not only to be smaller and more charming, but also smarter... much smarter. …

The Key West Collection

Key West MDZweb

   Steve & Wanda Mouzon transplanted themselves to Miami Beach in 2003 to facilitate a closer working relationship with some of the founders of the New Urbanism. They quickly discovered that the simple laid-back island charm of Key West just a few hours down US 1 made for a perfect getaway counterpoint to more urban setting of their South Beach home.

The Mooresville Collection

Mooresville MDZweb

   This was our first collection, with work on these designs beginning in late 1996. From the beginning, the Mooresville Collection was conceived as a traditional neighborhood collection. It is named in honor of Mooresville, Alabama, a tiny planters’ hamlet just a stone’s throw from the Tennessee River that, while not excellent enough to be nationally renowned, nonetheless inspired us to believe that if our ancestors could do better, we could do better, too. …

The Outbuildings Collection

Outbuildings MDZweb

   This collection includes a broad variety of outbuilding types. It leads off with carriage houses, which are living spaces over garages. The cover image is a carriage house. Next up are free-standing garages. Gazebos follow, and then towers. The section on barns includes examples that are quite rural in character, but the Toy Box is meant for a more urban setting. …

The St. Augustine Collection

St Augustine MDZweb

   Steve & Wanda’s original getaway location was New Orleans, dating back to the early 1980s. Steve’s work in recent years has included custom designs based on the coastal Louisiana architecture, and also has included photographing New Orleans and St. Augustine for the Catalog of the Most-Loved Places. His A Living Tradition [Gulf Coast Architecture] book is based on the same sub-tropical architecture. …

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