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   An outbuilding occupies a lot with another larger or more important building. Outbuildings may either be attached to the more important building or detached. The attachment may be a hard-attachment, such as a garage butted directly to the wall of a house. It may also be accomplished with a porch or a breezeway. There are several types of outbuildings, including the following:

   Garages in New Urbanist neighborhoods are often designed as outbuildings rather than being incorporated into the floor plan of the house because they can help to enclose gardens and make them more private. Also, because gasoline and other flammable items are often located in garages, a fire in a freestanding garage doesn’t risk burning down the house like a fire in an attached garage.

   Guest Cottages include a place to sleep and bathe, and maybe a place to cook.

   A Cabana is an outdoor pavilion with a roof and with some walls, although the walls do not have to entirely enclose the cabana.

   A Gazebo is an outdoor pavilion with a roof but without walls. Gazebos may shelter the performers in a large event, or they may shelter entire smaller events.

   Arbors are similar to gazebos, except they have an open framework instead of a roof, allowing sun and rain onto the floor of the arbor. Plants are often trained onto arbors.

   Towers afford a view to the larger landscape from very special points within a property. They may also serve for observing closer events or creatures, such as bird-watching.

   Barns are large buildings with roofs and walls that house agricultural artifacts and activities.

   Sheds perform the same functions as barns, but with at least one side without walls, open to the weather.

   Garden & Utility Structures include a wide range of small special-purpose structures, from bird houses to outhouses to wood sheds.

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