The St. Augustine Collection

St Augustine MDZweb

   Steve & Wanda’s original getaway location was New Orleans, dating back to the early 1980s. Steve’s work in recent years has included custom designs based on the coastal Louisiana architecture, and also has included photographing New Orleans and St. Augustine for the Catalog of the Most-Loved Places. His A Living Tradition [Gulf Coast Architecture] book is based on the same sub-tropical architecture. Recent travels and projects has shown a tremendous similarity of patterns in these places and others, including most of the Caribbean.

   The St. Augustine collection contains plans of all sizes that are designed for the regional conditions, climate, and gumbo of cultures that occupy the American Gulf Coast and the lands that rim the Caribbean Sea.

   NOTE: As with the Key West Collection, none of these plans are based on specific houses in St. Augustine; rather, they honor the character of the region.

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