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   Here’s what the Rights Usage Terms embedded in each image’s metadata says:

   “Image may be used an unlimited number of times in books, publications, reports, or presentations, including books and publications offered for sale so long as the photographer is credited and the copyright is indicated. Image may not be re-sold directly, nor may it be used as part of an advertisement of any sort without a specific Advertising Agreement, for which different rates apply. Contact Steve Mouzon to arrange Advertising Agreement. All other rights are reserved except those specifically granted. NOTICE: There are no model releases on any persons depicted in this image. Use at your own risk.”

   Here are a few caveats:

   * Credit should generally occur in the vicinity of the image, unless you have an appendix listing all photo credits in one place. Both methods are acceptable.

   * Advertising Agreements are required if you’re using the image as part of an effort to sell a product or service.

   * Model releases are agreements from people in a picture that allows their image to be used. These are especially necessary if an image is to be used for advertising. Generally, when people enter the public realm in the US, they lose the privacy rights to their image. Nonetheless, I try to shoot in such a way that if a person’s face is visible, it is at a great enough distance that their identity isn’t clear, like the guy walking the dog down the middle of the street in the image above. I have closer images of people, but usually with their back turned, where their identity isn’t clear. I believe this represents a common-sense policy given US case law in recent decades. Nonetheless, your level of tolerance on model release issues may be less than mine, so please be advised that I don’t have model releases from anyone in any of my images. If that’s a problem to you, please don’t download an image with someone’s face clearly discernible.

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