Town Houses

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   Townhouses attach to adjacent units on either side unless they occur at the end of the block. Two end units may be combined to make a duplex. Townhouses may have a yard to the rear. At the front, they either pull right up to the street or have a small frontage garden in which the stoop is located.

   Light is of the utmost importance in Townhouses because of the percentage of perimeter walls that are solid. Mouzon Design plans work hard to either shorten the plan, so that there is not so much distance from front to back, or to carve interior courtyards into the plan. We also work hard to fill the interiors of the plans with utility spaces where you don’t spend a lot of time, reserving the windows for rooms you might use for hours.

   Most townhouses have straight-run stairs along one side of the townhouse, squeezing the adjacent spaces for the entire run of the stairs. There are instances where we do straight-run stairs, too, but most of our plans use switchback stairs because they don’t ruin two or more adjacent rooms. They are also easier to climb because they have an intermediate landing halfway up.

   The front garden, if you have one, is too public to sit in. It’s purely ornamental, and is your gift to the street.

   People often want to add front porches to Townhouses. But if everyone did, you would be bumping elbows with your neighbor on their porch, and that’s usually too close for comfort. Just do a good stoop and entry.

   The rear garden of a Townhouse can be your personal, totally private, haven of peace and quiet. Keep it that way all the time by not planting it in grass that must be mown. Instead, plant beds around the perimeter lushly with plants that don’t need sun all day long. Lay brick or stone pavers in the space in the center that the beds surround. If that isn’t lush enough, plant even more plants in pots, and finish it off with a fountain.

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