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Coastal Living Idea House 2011 6005

   If you subscribe to Coastal Living, you've probably received your October issue which highlights the 2011 Ultimate Beach House which Wanda and I designed. It's featured on the cover, then on pages 33-63. That's the official story. There's also a back-story that I'll be blogging about on the Mouzon Design Blog over the next several weeks. You'll find a few blog posts there already from late last year, featuring cool things we designed into the house.

   Problem is, none of those ideas ended up getting built. Simply put, this was an Idea House with a lot of ideas that were simply too radical for the blazing construction schedule required by an Idea House. So while the exterior look of the house stayed the same, most of the coolest ideas are missing.

   What to do? Coastal Living is doing something unprecedented, because these ideas deserve to get out there. If you buy a set of house plan for this Idea House, you'll actually get two sets of plans: the as-designed set and the as-built set. And we'll have a sheet describing the cool ideas that didn't get built so you can decide for yourself, and choose the cool stuff that makes sense for you.

   These blog posts will preview those ideas for you. We'll take you through each idea, telling you not only what we designed, but also why we designed it that way. Some of these ideas may seem too revolutionary at first, but once you know the rationale behind them, you can make up your own mind.

   One other thing… I'll be putting a poll on each of the posts so we can take a vote on each idea. And please leave your comments, of course. Stay tuned… this should be fun!

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